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interpublishgroup is a publishing company managing a number of book authors and websites in various fields of interest.

The goal of all the websites is to act as a point of information and sales for various goods and services.


pt borden (Website)
petra t borden lives in Lugano Switzerland, in Caen in France and in the Southern USA.. She was educated in the Southern USA, Scotland, Portugal, Germany and England where she obtained her PhD in political economics. She shares her life with her loving husband and a very demanding and jealous male cat.

pt borden writes fictional stories

Southern Medley and a Sordid Affair
ISBN-13 978-1514398005
ISBN-10: 1514398001
LCCN 2015910022
BISAC: FIC027110:
FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Published by

Available in Kindle

Bert Berger (Website)
Bert Berger is an economist with degrees from the University of London and the University of Bath in the UK. He has, for many years, been running companies as CEO and Chairman of the Board. He lived in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. His latest forthcoming thriller is

Asset Strippers, Spies and Money Laundering

To be published soon

Susanne C. Miller - (Website)
S.C. Miller is a political economist with a PhD from Kings College, University of London. She is a writer of short stories, blogs and and reviews

Employment and Employment Related Sites is an international job advice site with links to executive search agencies and companies in Switzerland, the UK, the Middle East and Germany. Nationwide (USA/Canada) and International as well as Maritime Security jobs are also advertised. There are options to post a resume or a vacancy and there are a joint Small Job Search/Advertising with JobLine International. is a job search and vacancy advertising site for seniors who want or need to work. It is mainly directed towards an audience in the USA and Canada. There are pages for full and part time job recruiters, self assessment, part time and voluntary jobs. is a job search and vacancy advertising site for nationwide and international jobs in the hotel, resort, restaurant and generally in the hospitality industry. is a job search and vacancy advertising site for nationwide and international oil and gas exploration and production industry. senectutis is a retirement portal with pages for self assessment, travel and living abroad as a retired person and advice on long term care, the employment of care personnel, jobs as carers, evaluation of long term care facilities and various other aspects that affect life in retirement. There are jobs for various levels of careres advertised. But the main emphasis of the site is on held and advice for retired people. ezecredit is a site that gives advice on all forms of credits, from mortgages to refinancing, to credit cards, car loans and payday loans. If you want to know about the costs and conditions of your credit or your mortgage, this is the site to find out. There is also advice on what you need to get a mortgage. is a site for job vacancies and agencies for au pairs in the UK, the USA, France and Germany. There are options for advertising for au pairs as well as families looking for au pairs. is a site for nursing employment and information on nursing trainign within the USA and Canada. There is also information on nursing jobs in the UK and Switzerland.

Other Internet Sites ezetest is a site for home and business software, audio, MP3, DVD, music, film, games and other utility software. There is an extensive section for business and tools and other home computer utility software e-sbforum, SBF, the Small Business Forum is a forum for small business owners, where they can find information on how to incorporate, how to create business plans, marketing plans, the use of e-mail, business opportunities, consultancy, budgeting, software, other business tools, links to suppliers, a FAQ page on business questions and various other aids that should help start-ups and small ventures. is a site for easy and quick money. It offers links and products for home business operators such as paid surveys, mystery shopping, free cars, grants, auctions, foreclosures and other legal methods with which people appear to make money quickly and with, as they maintain, minimal effort! uniap is an information and guidance site for international students who want to study in the UK, USA, or Canada. It offers various services to make the transition for a student easier and most likely more successful. bahia-online is an information site about the State of Bahia and the City of Salvador in Brazil. It is a fabulous vacation destination and an incredibly lively place of business. is all about the nice things in life. It is about food, wine, chocolate, travel, diets, companionship and all the other things that make life what it is, or what it should be: A pleasant experience! The site is currently being updated. buseast is an advertising and information site about Eastern Europe, specifically about creating business partnerships with Eastern European companies. The site is currently dormant. SubConNet is about mundane and practical things: How to find a handyman or contractor in an emergency in your area. It is a sort of "Yellow Pages™" for small subcontractors and handyman where for a small fee they can make their services known in their area. The site is currently dormant

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